„Internationale Grüne Woche“ in Berlin

15. bis 24. Jänner 2016

10 days „Internationale Grüne Woche“ in Berlin

A great opportunity for the European Association for Rural Development and Village Renewal (ARGE) to draw attention to the diversity and social importance of Europe’s rural areas and to highlight the innovative power of its population.

  • Due to a photo and videoclip competition we were able to present by an interesting multi-media-presentation to a broad audience that villages and rural areas
  • are attractive, modern habitats with high quality of living, that offer countless opportunities for recreation and leisure activities,
  • present grounds where cultural heritage is maintained and new things are tried,
  • facilitate the production of food, energy and resources for all society,
  • contain natural resources that require protection and maintenance,
  • serve as sites for innovative and sustainable work and
  • allow cooperation between diverse people.